Jerome Colin

Associate Partner

Jerome Colin is an Associate Partner at Emerton, with 16 years of experience in strategy consulting (with Mars&Co, OC&C, Roland Berger and Emerton) and 2 years of experience at Google.

Jerome has been strongly involved in digital for almost 15 years, through his position at Google and his consulting work for early-adopters of digital and pure players. In a fast-changing environment, due to new usages, new capabilities and strong value shifts, Jerome has brought expert and econonomics support in dispute resolution and efforts to better inform regulators, policy makers and large firms about the digital economy and its impacts.

In Regulation strategy advisory, Jerome has supported pure players and traditional players in sectors such as mobility, media, advertising, cloud computing / Saas, digital administration…

Sample of recent assignments:

  • Support for dispute resolution between Medias and major web players: analysis of economic benefit for web players and modeling of potential contribution du content production cost
  • Data and economics support in litigation: usage data analysis and economic modelling to help resolve a dispute in the field of car-sharing in Spain