The media landscape has been shaken by technologies for more than a decade: broadband and internet ubiquity, Digital Terrestrial TV, telecom convergence, Over The Top capabilities, cord-cutting rise, emergence of social media, are all fueling the success of new players while pushing traditional players to develop new strategies.

Moreover, traditional business models have been severely weakened by the advent of free (advertising-supported) models while the advertising market has shifted towards digital players, thanks to their reach and to the development of efficient advertising products.

More than ever, media need to re-think their strategies, business models and operating models.

Emerton advises media companies internationally, from traditional press and TV players, to specialized players (directories, classifieds,…) and digital media, on issues critical to their growth and sometimes survival.

The topics covered by Emerton include long-term strategy, business development as well as operations improvement:

  • Corporate strategy planning
  • Digital transition management
  • New products launch (advertising and editorial products)
  • Diversification and M&A
  • Pricing and monetization optimization
  • Go-to-market improvement: sales force organization, clients targeting
  • Cost structure optimization: set-up and organization of production