How we support our clients

We bring deep economics and business analytics firepower (vs. macro and generic approaches) and an ability to navigate in incomplete data environments, rebuild missing data and connect the dots.

We derive strategic insights and design clear and straightforward material for top management and shareholders (from didactic material to decision-driven analytics and plans).

Emerton’s approach to Digital is pragmatic & based on concrete experience (rather than following trends, templates or buzz words…).

We focus on activating and delivering strategy at the “beginning of the curve” rather than only focusing on macro long term digital transformation plans.

Digital diagnosis and strategy design

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Customer data analysis & digital marketing

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Advanced data analytics and insights

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Featured project

Digital journey support for a large B2B solutions group

1. Context and stakes
  • Strong impact of digital on core business of the group ($2b)
  • Many digital initiatives and digital offers globally across the group, but not yet a sufficient and real shift towards digital and enough revenues generated from digital offers
  • Poor digital customer experience


2. Diagnostic of the client’s digital footprint

Digital footprint analysis

  • Client’s websites diagnostic & Web analytics set-up assessment
  • Customer voice and internal key stakeholders interviews

Identification, status and assessment of customer-centric digital initiatives

  • Customer journeys mapping & identification of user experience improvements
  • Workshop with national markets to assess status and feasibility of initiatives
3. Digital transformation roadmap
  • Prioritization of initiatives
  • Identification of structural prerequisites
  • Digital transformation roadmap
4. Project Management Office to secure the delivery of initiatives
  • Detailed initiatives roadmaps
  • Senior governance design to steer the project
  • Ad hoc analysis and firepower